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Katherine and Henry Fines

My husband Henry and I wanted to sell a property in western Sonoma County. It was on and off the market for almost 2
years when a recommendation led Tom Wurst and Nada Rothbart to us.

It was refreshing to meet realtors who had a clear sense of what it would take to sell our property … and the experience
and trade contacts to make it happen. Throughout the process, they made suggestions – staging, price. etc. – and clearly
explained the basis for those suggestions. The preparation-for-sale work was quick. Cost estimates were never exceeded.
The marketing activity was active and thorough as they did homework and follow-up with every potential buyer.

Tom and Nada were so clearly competent that we could relax a little and leave the selling to them. They communicated
frequently and responded to our questions whenever we called. They sold the house for us.

We are very happy campers.

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