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Thomas Wurst

Thomas Wurst
Wine Country Property Specialist

How many real estate agent biography’s have you seen? Too many perhaps? They usually say the agent has a gazillion years of experience, is a top producer and knows the area like the back of his/her hand. But this information does not say anything about how this agent will help YOU. Well, Tom Wurst is a top producer with a gazillion years of experience, but other than that, he is pretty different and this bio hopefully demonstrates it.

Knowledge and experience - like other good agents, Tom has mastered the intricate, complex process of buying and selling homes. Online websites make it seem easy. But it isn’t. There is EVERMORE paperwork, more processes, and more litigation. You need a professional, tough agent who has your back and knows which cards to play, and WHEN to play them, on all but the very simplest of deals. Unfortunately, you don’t know if a deal is simple until AFTER it has ended.

But Tom’s experience goes way beyond these important fundamentals. He is a former landscape contractor and has construction experience. Why do you care? Because understanding a house, its condition and the land it sits on is key to negotiating good deals! Is that wall load-bearing? Is the lot properly graded? Yes, you will likely have professional inspectors at some point in the process, but you want to get questions answered right away as you are investigating a potential deal or thinking about listing your home for sale.

Negotiation - If you decide to buy, or if you are working on a deal to sell, the ability to negotiate to your advantage is the bread and butter of ending the transaction with satisfaction. Tom is a top negotiator, he has been trained in this, and he trains other agents! He has even helped develop industry guidelines. He will save you money with ideas most agents simply don’t think of.

Approach - He will ask and ask and ask and ask questions until he truly understands what you are hoping to accomplish. Price, sure, but what about your timeline, your post sales needs and wants, other family member needs and concerns? And much more. His approach includes the nitty gritty paperwork too - did you know some attorneys refer him business precisely because his paperwork and organizational strategy creates a deal file that is bulletproof and will stand up to professional scrutiny long after the deal is over? And during this entire process you probably have a lot of questions. But agents are busy, and answering all those questions takes patience. Tom has built the necessary time into his processes and he will patiently work through your concerns.

Relationship - And finally, the part too many agents ignore - every agent SAYS they have relationships with their clients. But do they really? Do they actually keep in touch, and try to help you with advice and connections to vendors, contractors, even when there is no transaction at stake to earn a commission on? Most don’t, Tom does. Talk to him, I believe you will find he really cares.

You can reach Tom at:
[email protected]
Mobile (510) 816-7959‬

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